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Do you enjoy my work?
Do you have a project in need of some stunning visual assets?

Want some unique visuals to bring your RPG homebrew to life?
Want that pulpy, retro aesthetic for the cover of your novel?

Then good news! Commissions are open!

I am an experienced artist with over three years of freelancing work under my belt, I specialise in both traditional and digital art processes.

I have a avid work ethic, and am a strong believer in keeping an open dialogue with my clients to ensure my work fits your needs perfectly.

I offer professional standard work with competitive prices, I will not rush you or ignore your feedback, and am dedicated to providing the best customer service possible.
I work under a strict code of conduct, and will offer a comprehensive freelance agreement tailored to your commission. A client's needs are paramount in my work practices.

Below you can find a list of the services I offer as well as reviews from recent clients.


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Testimonial from previous client;
"I whole heartedly recommend Aaron to anyone and everyone. He was a joy to work with, produced fantastic art, and got the job done quickly."

Hello everyone. I'm here to leave a glowing review about Aaron Rolfe.
A friend and I ordered a science fiction novel book cover from him and it was a really fun, amazing process from start to finish! Here are some highlights.
- It really felt like a collaboration. He gave us very frequent updates on his status with the art and he respected our specifications and notes. He helped guide the conversation to discover what we wanted. We originally came in with one idea of what the composition was going to be and he did a draft of that but then he suggested another, better idea for the picture that we ended up going with because we loved it so much.
- At every stage of the process, he gave us extremely high quality options for the major elements of the piece. The options were all distinct from each other but at the same time, all fit the general tone and mood of what we wanted.
- He was wonderful to communicate with. In our first emails, he asked important questions about what we wanted like tone, style, and composition. This really helped shape the expectations and genre of the art. His emails were professional and friendly and he also asked specific questions about things like formatting and sizes. He would always respond to emails within a day of me sending them and I appreciated that.
- I really enjoyed that he gave us a sample of the colour schemes he was going to use in the different parts of the art.
- Aaron worked very, very fast. The final copy was ready a full week before the deadline we had set.
- The art itself is gorgeous, he did such a fantastic job on it. We're so pleased with what he came up with. The colours are vibrant, the composition is interesting, and all the pieces come together to a cohesive whole.
- As for pricing, it did come up to the upper limit of my budget but I thought it was more than worth it for the art and excellent customer service he provided.
- Our experience with Aaron was so positive that we'll definitely go back to him again if we need art in the future.
I whole heartedly recommend Aaron to anyone and everyone. He was a joy to work with, produced fantastic art, and got the job done quickly.


Think my services fit your needs?

Send me an email with a description of your requirements and which service you would like, and I will create a comprehensive quote for my work.

I look forward to working with you!

Thanks for submitting!

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